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The Harlequin (DEC)


If you are lucky, once in a lifetime you will own or breed a horse that changes and enriches your life. A horse that loves you unconditionally, gives you 150%, whether asked to or not and leaves you feeling all the richer for having him in your life.

We have been fortunate enough to own such a horse – The Harlequin

He was born in my arms on a very cold, very wet Victorian night in 1985. Sadly we had to put him down on a hot, dry, windy Western Australian morning – also in my arms. It was my final gift of love to my wonderful “Main Man” – the love of my life.(apart from Sharla).

Harlequin, or “Hormones” as he was affectionately known, is well known to many Pinto members, however newer members may know of him through his daughter Midas Simply Irresistable.

There are only about 30 Harlequin children in existence, as we believe in breeding quality rather than quantity, and were very selective as to the mares he covered. Roughly half are Pintos, both here and in the East, with the W.A. bred ones being highly successful: Midas Simply Irresistable, Midas Immortality (dec), Hunterbrook Riverdance, Jessie’s Moonlit Dancer, The Gambler and Marbelyn Park? (Nic) as well as a lovely buckskin & white gelding and two other boys that I do not know the whereabouts of. His solid coloured stock are also successful in their chosen fields, with 2 pony club show jumpers and 4 Royal Show hacks in the East.

As a show horse he was amazing. His extravagant movement and ring presence had to be seen to be believed. His coat colour – blue black and pearlescent white – stood out against his competitors. When he was awarded Champion Partbred Arabian / Arabian Warmblood Entire at the Victorian Arabian Classic, the English judge, Moira Arrowsmith-Brown commented that he came into the ring with the attitude “move over scumbags, this is mine” and she was right because he KNEW he was the best.

Harlequin’s show wins are too numerous to list here – they cover over 60 pages and 16 years and at his final appearance at Perth Royal Show at the ripe old age of 17 he was awarded Supreme Pinto Exhibit with the judge describing him as "an attractive, correct type and a lovely example of his breed". He won at every major “A” class Arabian show that he attended in the Eastern States, from the Victorian Classic to the Queensland Arabian Championships, obtaining his Championship R.O.M at halter in a record 11 months. He was awarded Supreme sashes in Pinto, Arabian Derivative, Led Galloway and Open Breed in 5 States of Australia along with many Championships under saddle and State High Points.

Many of you would remember him “all fired up” in the show ring, yet at home he was a pussy cat – so much so that Sharla began riding him when she was 8 years old.


Quinny is buried in front of his paddock at Midas and a Harlequin bougainvillea will be planted beside him.


R.I.P my main man – we miss you terribly.

Kiah Park Bandolero (DEC)


On Friday the 25th of April 2008 this wonderful old gentleman suffered a massive stroke and could not get up, leaving us no choice but to put him down at the ripe old age of 30. Rat, as he was affectionately (and not so affectionately) known was the first horse bred by the stud when we were based in Victoria. His sire was the legendary grey and white Australian Pony Allambie Phantom and his lovely dam was a bay partbred arab mare, Aloha Tamri, a daughter of Talaquah Talik.

He grew into a stunning grey and white gelding standing 14.3 3/4h.h., a  galloway with the movement of a 16 hander and was without doubt the most intelligent horse I have ever known.

From the day he was born Rat was a challenge,  escaping from the foaling barn, leaving his distraught dam to run with our old mare K.P.Prairie Moon and her friends.

As a show horse he was legendary and a real ham. Over the years he has won many Champion both led and ridden in Pinto, galloways and Australian Stock Horse classes. His wins would take dozens of pages but some that stick in my mind are placing in the large galloway at Melbourne Royal (when colour was NOT accepted), winning 3 National Championships, and several High Point awards with the Victorian Pinto Society.

I have many fond memories of the old deviat creating havoc. When we lived in Nar Nar Goon he was stabled and the foals used to stand under the eaves in the winter. Rat would delight in grabbing their rugs and lifting the poor babies off the ground. I always knew by the frightened screams what he was up to and after yelling at him to "let them go you old shit" would always see the victim flying past after being released.

Another strong memory is of St Arnaud Show where he was judged in the A.S.H. classes by Bill Roycroft. After sashing him, Mr Roycroft stood in front of Rat rubbing his ears and asked why I had called him Rat. He soon found out as when he went to move away the old reprobate had chewed the bottom part of his tie and nearly choked him as he backed away.

Rat represented The Vic Pinto Society several times in the Moomba Parade and one time sticks in my memory. A man on stilts walked up to him and patted him on the head saying "good horsey". Rat's response...grabbing his trousers and pulling them down to his level. Absolutely hillarious!

Rat's specialty was the Pinto Costume and those that knew him will never forget him charging with the sabre drawn in the Australian Light Horse uniform or doing an elegant workout in the spannish outfit.

I miss my old mate very very much and will always remember him with a smile and a laugh. He was a legend in his own lifetime....and he knew it!

Hafil Pied Piper

Piper was purchased when Sharla was 3 years old. He is an 8.3h Shetland Pony with plenty of attitude. Although retired from the show ring, he still rules the roost at home and is Dukes aka Glenwood Park Exclamations best mate. He has taught a lot of kids to ride over the years and how to stay on if you knew what was best for you. Piper is a part of our family and always will be.

Kiah Park Tamara

Born on New Years Day 1981, 'Tammy' had a rough start. When I purchased her grandmother "Kiah Park Prairie Moon", I gave her owner a service to our stallion "O'll Barney" for her daughter "Sapphire Souix". Tammy was the result of that mating. When her dam died two weeks after foaling, I was given the foal. Tam has always been an easy horse right from the start. She drank from the bucket easily and attached herself to 'Rat' (Kiah Park Bandolero) as her dummy. Showing sparingly as a youngster, she never came home without a ribbon. However she hit her peak as a mature mare. Many times she came home with Champion Pinto Mare, Champion Stock Horse Mare and Champion Led Galloway Mare. Seldom shown under saddle, she did however never leave the ring without a ribbon. As a broodmare she was fantastic. She produced the following:   *"Kiah Park Tamarsha" - blood bay tobiano mare, by 'Kiah Park Ulysses' *"Kiah Park Talasman" - black tobiano gelding, by 'Kiah Park Ulysses' *"Marblyn Park Tameeka" (dec) - chestnut tobiano mare, by 'Chipolata' (TB) while on lease to Joc Moxon *"Midas Touch" - chestnut colt, by 'Top Lunch' (TB).  Since arriving in W.A., Tam has only been lightly shown but some of her wins are as follows:  # Supreme Pinto - Darling Range Breed Show 1995 # Champion Pinto Mare - York Ag Show  # Supreme Australian Stock Horse - Orange Grove Breed Show (at 23 years young)  # Reserve Champion Mare over 14h (to Midas Simply Irresistable) at the 2002 and 2003 Pinto State Show (at 23!) # Champion Galloway Ridden by and Adult (Michelle Harris) - 2003 Pinto State Show # 3rd Pinto Mare over 14h - 2003 Perth Royal Show. Always special, 'Tammy' is my girl and I am her biggest fan.Now 27 she is fully retired.